Do you have a second shooter? 

Absolutely, I always have a second shooter for all wedding's to ensure not a single moment is missed.
Every little thing is just as important to me to capture as it is to you to cherish. 

Do your wedding packages include an engagement session?

Yes! Engagement sessions are important to me because it breaks the ice for my clients and allows me to get to know you a little bit more. I want your photo's to speak to your personalities, I want them to be YOU.  Having an engagement session lets us have that time in a more casual setting to have some fun. It gives me the chance to see what little tricks work for each couple to get those beautiful real candid smiles. What poses and which ways to walk you through those poses work for each person to help you relax and grab real emotion from you. Every couple is different and your photo's should be too. Your family and friends should not only feel something when they see them but feel like I truly captured you for who you are, as people and as a couple together. It also takes away some of the nerve on your wedding day because we've had the "practice run" so your confident in knowing we'll not only get some amazing shots but it's like hanging out with a friend rather then the stiff awkward meeting of a stranger. Every shoot should be a fun, fantastic experience and I'm dedicated to make sure I do everything I can to make your photo's and experience unique to you. 

Do you shoot destination weddings?

YES! I absolutely ADORE destination weddings. I love to travel, and I love photography! What's better then being able to shoot a beautiful wedding in a gorgeous destination! I've had the opportunity to shoot in some beautiful places however I still have a list of some dream destinations I'm still dying to shoot in that I haven't crossed off my list yet. You never know, if your destination wedding falls into one of my dream destinations you may find yourself scoring an awesome deal!!

Do you provide an online gallery for me to share with my friends and family?

Sure do!! As well as your gorgeous bridal box an online gallery is an included bonus for all my packages. Everyone has friends and family from out of town, I want to make it as easy as possible for my clients to be able to share their memories. You receive your own custom url to send to as many people as you want and they can also download their favourite images straight from that gallery!


Do you have any amazing vendors you would recommend?

Yes, yes and yes! I've had the opportunity of working with some truly amazing and talented people that went above and beyond for my brides & grooms. I would love to help you find the perfect people for your day and provide you with a list of awesome recommended vendors in each field! 


What do you feel makes you unique from other wedding photographers?

I won't lie, there are many very talented photographers in the world. You not only want to find someone who produces gorgeous work, but someone who's work fits the style your looking for in the budget you have. On top of all of this, you want someone who is not only going to give you great customer service but go above and beyond. Someone who takes the time to remember you really wanted that shot with your great grandma ellen to doing all the silly things it takes, funny faces, weird noises and all to make your baby niece smile just for that one photo! The photographer that sits with you mid meltdown and gets you a glass of water just to share a moment of silence ending with some reassurance that everyone gets nervous before walking down the isle and that you look stunning and your going to read those vows perfectly. That's me. Our work is unique to us as artists, each photographer captures people in a different way. I strive to truly capture YOU, your true personality, and not just who I posed you to be. My photography is not just my business. It's my dream, my passion, my love for art, life and people all rolled into one. To me photography isn't just a beautiful photograph, it's the art of capturing someones soul. Giving them a beautiful memory frozen in time that they can cherish forever, and when we get older, something to help us re-live our incredible lives. Something you can pass down to your children, and grandchildren to continue to exist. Something so special - should be you, the real you. I take the time to get to know the each person I'm shooting, to me your not just clients, your interesting, incredible, unique human beings and I want to know what makes you different so that I can capture that. So many of the people that have crossed in front of my lens have become friends for that reason, because I take the time, your important. When I was young, I bounced from idea to idea of what I wanted to be when I was older. My mom lived by the "choose what you love, money will come" and she was right. I was lucky enough to find that. The truth is even if I wasn't able to make a career out of it, I would still shoot. It's a piece of me, I can't live without it. I get to share in some of the most special, most memorable days in peoples lives, I get to be the one to capture and preserve those memories for them, there's no other feeling like it, I wouldn't trade it for the world. I also wouldn't be able to make a career out of what I love if it wasn't for you, and for that I'm forever grateful. If you've read this far through my gibber gabber i'm sure you've come to the conclusion that yes I am a total, undeniable sap. I'm the girl that believes in that "notebook" once in a life time head over heels love. I feel every thing I shoot. I'm that photographer that cries during your vows, and laughs with you during the garter toss. I put my heart and soul into everything I shoot, I feel it all with you. Like I said, total corny, mushy, sap.

NOW, with all that emotional mumbo jumbo being said, i'm sure you also want to know if I offer any extra goodies in my packages. Well the answer is yes! I not only provide you with the all the fully edited digitals from your day on a custom usb perfectly packaged in a beautiful keepsake bridal box with a hand written thank you card tucked inside. As well as that awesome online gallery listed above, a complimentary engagement session, and two shooters to make sure not a single moment is missed. I also provide my brides & grooms with a tips sheet/ itinerary to help you make the absolute most of your photo's. Everything from helping you organize your family portraits so that you dont forget anything on your day to a bunch of helpful tips to ensure you make the most of your photo's! On top of all of this, there's more, and I would be more then happy to provide you with a detailed package price list if you so desire. All you have to do is head on up to the contact page and send me an email!


What Do i wear?

Textures – Anything with movement or texture is fantastic. Chiffons are great for movement. Knits, laces, anything with a little bit of detail to it always works well. Cotton can easily be played up with the right pattern or statement necklace.  

Colors – Whites, cremes, blush, nudes, tans, browns, pastelles, greys, mint or a soft teal all work well. Try to stay away from oranges, yellows, greens (aside from a soft mint or teal) and fluorescents. The colours you wear reflect light onto your skin and can alter the tone. If it's an engagement session try to wear colours that compliment each other but dont go match-y match-y and both wear a white t-shirt and jeans!

Accessories – I love a good statement necklace I won't deny it. Everything from a chunky colour to some sparkle always ties in a great outfit. If you have a detailed neckline on your shirt or dress a good pair of earrings or a nice bracelet can also go a long way.

How many outfits – For a one hour session I usually recommend two, one more casual and another more dressy to get both looks. 

Shoe's – Don't forget a good pair of shoes goes a long way, I usually recommend bringing flat par of shoes incase we shoot in a field ect, no girl wants to ruin a good pair of heels!

Nails – Ladies, theres nothing like getting a gorgeous detail shot of your ring with your hands clasped around his only to notice some chipped nail polish. Be sure to give your self a little manicure with a fresh layer of polish or a good clean. If you do decide that polish is the way do go just make sure it can tie in with the outfits you've planned. Also don't forget your toe's if you've chosen an open-toed shoe!

Hats– If you're a hat lover your more then welcome to bring one for your shoot, just be sure that we save it for the second look so that we dont get hat hair!

Patterns – Are great as long as they are paired properly with a solid. If it's an engagement session be sure to be conscious of what your partners wearing as well. If one wears a polka dotted t-shirt and the other wears stripes they tend to clash. Stay away from logos, graphic designs and quotes or slogans. 


Need a visual? Click here to check out the "Wardrobe Suggestions" folder on the Lilly Ann Photography Pinterest page!


Do you pose us?

Sure do!! I walk you through poses and steps to create a natural flawless look so that you don't have to worry about a thing! I also try to set you up for candid moments to capture real laughs and smiles using a few tricks like getting him to whisper something cute or funny in your ear so that when you look back at that photo you remember what he said and its a real expression across your face, we want those real smiles!



I usually scout the location for you biased on the type of style or background you're wanting to ensure we get that gorgeous golden hour light at the right time. However if you have a special spot in mind I would be more then happy to shoot there as well!

How long does it take to receive our photo's?

I usually post a teaser the day after your session just because I know how excited you are to see them!! For a regular one hour session is no more then two weeks until you have all those beautiful images!

What if it rains on the day of our shoot?

I usually suggest in the case of rain we reschedule if possible to ensure you have a chance to get that gorgeous golden hour. So we also dont end up soppy wet messes, unless thats the look your going for which is a different story! 


Do you have a studio?

Of course! I shoot all my boudoir sessions at my beautiful at home studio, feel free to take a look through the boudoir & maternity album to what we can create with it!


What Do i wear?


How many outfits – For a one hour session I usually recommend three-four outfits.

Colors – Whites, cremes, blushes, nudes, red's and blacks all work well. Try to stay away from oranges, yellows, greens and fluorescents. The colours you wear reflect light onto your skin and can alter the tone.

Accessories – Diamonds are always a girls best friend when it comes to boudoir, anything with sparkle.

Shoes – Don't forget to pack a few of your favourite heels that match the colours of your outfits.

Types of outfits – Anything from Bra-panty-garter sets with a nice pair of thigh high stockings to your mans favourite shirt can be sexy. It's all about what you feel great in.


Nails – Your nails will show up in photo's so be sure to give your self a little manicure with a fresh layer of polish or a good clean. If you do decide that polish is the way do go just make sure it can tie in with the outfits/ colours you've planned. Don't forget your toe's!


All ladies who book receive a tips sheet to help them prepare for their shoot so that they don't have
to worry about a thing!

Feel free to click here to view the "Boudoir" album on the Lilly Ann Photography Pinterest page for wardrobe idea's!


Do your boudoir sessions include hair & make up?

While my packages don't include hair & make up to give you the option of deciding, I do highly suggest requesting it. I have four amazing ladies who are incredibly talented and I truly believe it helps create the experience. You get to sit down and be pampered in the hands of a professional who makes you feel incredible and shows you a side of yourself quite a few ladies have not seen before. In result you feel gorgeous, because you are gorgeous and end up much more confident during your shoot resulting in that showing through your photo's and making it easier to relax. In full you end up with an amazing full experience!









Engagement Session
Wardrobe Sugestions

Not sure what to wear for your engagement session? Check out this folder of everything from summer to winter goodness. Filled with beautiful colors, textures and style idea's to help you find that perfect outfit. 
Or feel free to use something from our collection.


A beautiful  curated maternity & engagement wardrobe available for our clients to use for sessions. This stunning collection consists of chiffon and french lace dresses,  throws, robes and a variety of other beautiful pieces.


Family wardrobe suggestions

Not sure what to wear for your family session? Check out this folder of suggestions. Filled with beautiful colour pallets and style idea's to help your family  find that perfect blend.