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 I'm Nina. A crazy passionate photographer mommy of two adorable little girls and one fluffy puppy. I absolutely love what I do, probably a little too much. I get to meet all kinds of wonderful, passionate, artist's that create beautiful, incredible things.  All kinds of madly in love couples that are celebrating the best days of their lives.  It's pretty much the best job ever. 

I love adventurous souls, the ones who aren't afraid to kick off their shoes and let it all go. The crazy couples who want to stand in the ocean or hike to that perfect view for their engagement sessions. The brides and grooms who want to sneak away to steal a moment of time, just the two of them in that golden hour sunset. I love connection. That real, raw, I love you, I can't live without you fire in your soul connection. My number one goal is to capture that. 

 Fine art wedding photographer located in Victoria & Vancouver BC Canada, catering to destination weddings & intimate elopements all over the world. 

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  So here’s the thing, if you haven’t caught on by now, i’m a super, cheesy, corny, sentimental person. I love the movie The Notebook and the first time heard “Kiss Me” by Ed Sheeran I cried. I love wedding’s, everything from the first kiss to the first dance, it’s all my favourite.


I’ve been shooting weddings for 5 years now, the very first wedding I shot was in Florida. I was second shooting for a friend. At the end of the night this song came on and the whole room started doing this dance and singing at the top of their lungs. The bridal party pulled us in and force taught us the dance moves, it was pretty awesome. I think that was my lightbulb moment.


I think that’s why i’m such a naturally happy person. I’m constantly surrounded by so much love  and I get to capture it all. Not to mention all their family and friends celebrating how awesome that love is, it’s wonderful. I love all the snuggly, intimate shots but i’m also a huge fan of the raw candid moments. The ones that really tell the story. It’s the first dance photo’s when the two of them get lost and the rest of the world slips away that really get me.


I’m big on having a good relationship with my brides and grooms so that come their wedding day they feel like they’re working with a friend . It should be fun. If we’re going to be hanging out all day at your wedding then we want to have a great time while we shoot. I also want my clients to feel comfortable enough to show raw emotion. I’m all about that PDA and I do actually ask my clients to snuggle, sorry! ;) I want to make your experience as smooth, easy and awesome as possible and I truly believe the more on a friends base I am with my clients the more relaxed they feel and the more fun we all have, and thats when you really get the great shots. I walk you through all your posing so you don’t have to worry about a thing. From the formals to the family portraits I take care of it all. All my brides receive a tips sheet and shot list for family photo's to help them make the most of their photography. I want you to be able to relax and enjoy your day. You already have enough on your plate, let me take something off your shoulders. 


I still love shooting just as much as I did the day I started.

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